Proposal for Maker Faire

My proposal is based on the relationship between artist and audience, bringing urban art to other levels beyond the painting, an interactive graffiti, which creator and spectators contribute to the development of the work, will aim to stimulate more senses than sight to transmit more sensations, for it will make use of sounds, songs or melodies accompanied by 3D video projections in real time and tactile responses of the painting, in order to create a complete audiovisual show


If you touch the painting you will see how the artwork start to move at the rhythm of the music

What’s the philosophy behind the project, and why do you think it would fit well in Maker Faire?

The philosophy of the project is to create together the final artwork to make a better and closer relationship between artist and public. It will fit very well because it’s a highly interactive project that drives people to “create things” concretely an artwork.
It have a lot of visual impact for persons because they see how the painting is changing in real life in front of them, Last year I was selected to exhibit  at Madrid Mini Maker Faire with a small version. It was a real success among visitors so, let’s make it again!

Demonstration for better understanding:

On a Wall:

Technical details
-It´s a parametric artwork so it can be any size from 2m to 150m, as bigger it be, more visually amazing will be
-It  use a board based on Arduino to connect the painting with the computer
-It can be made in any type of surface
Size: I am willing to do it as large as we can

Location: It will have more visual impact if we do it outdoors at the entrance or in
a transite area

Technical Requirements:
-1-Plug(Maker Faire)
-2-Projector with great light power (Maker Faire?)
-3- Wires (Provided by me)
-4- Spray paint (Provided by me)

-5- Conductive Paint (Made by me)

-6- A Surface to make it (Maker Faire?)

About Me:

Since I was little I was interested in the artistic-technological development, all began at the age of 8 when I built my first humanoid robot, since then I have devoted to unite my two passions technology and art. At first I used to organize exhibitions and events collaborating with municipalities, and associations, then, with the experience learned, I decided to inform the world what i was creating. In my first exhibition I presented a “Interactive 3D Graffiti” prototype in Maker Faire Madrid, this aroused a general interest in the fair that took me later to participate in large events such as “Mulafest” in ifema and many others. Currently I’m in the association for technological development “Makespace Madrid” ( where I investigate how to create new ways of union between artist and public through interactive technology and performances, I also belong to the consultant committee of “Matadero Madrid” that I combine with my new venture project, advertising and marketing company based on publicity trough art

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